98 TElectrician, Industry, printing works.
Job: assembly and wiring of power and control cabinet with industrial network system and PCL
Technology /software: assembly, wiring.
SDraughtsman CAD, Excel programmer, nuclear power plant, electromechanical equipment.
Job: adapt the ECS library to the company, update of various circuit diagram, conversion of CAD drawing from
MCADAM to AutoCad14 (approx. 12000 parts), automation of conversion with Visual-BASIC and Excel.
Technology /software: AutoCAD 2002+ ECS4.5, Excel 7.0 et Visual-basic (Windows 2000 Prof)
SSite Foreman Electrician, Office, banks, medical cabinet, laboratory.
Job: Moving the infrastructure of tenants on a new site, then at the end of the renovations back on the old site.
Without interruption of the operation. (Light, power, telematics; telephone, TV, intercom, etc).
Technology /software: a little elbow-grease; AutoCAD 2002+ ECS4.5, Excel 7.0, (Windows 2000 Prof).
06 S
Site Foreman Electrician, health, university hospital
Job: The installations of the old OP dismantle, and the new one installs, without interruption of the
operation. (Light, force, telematics; telephone, TV, isolating transformers for Power Supply, Local equipotential
bonding, etc).
Technology /software: a little elbow-grease; CADDY++, Excel (Windows 2000 Prof).
07 S
CAD-Assistance , Excel programmer, Uninterruptible Power Supply.
Job : Creating a library for ECS according to the IEC standards 60617, 61082 and responding to
customer requirements.
ECS Automation (search and replace the symbols/Part number in Circuit diagrams, based on a
Parts list in the Excel Format)
Technique / software: Bricscad 7+ ECSAero2, Excel 7.0 et Visual-basic (Windows XP pro).
2018 S
Automation specialist, Electrician, Gravel Plant
Job: Planning of renewal and extension of the electric control. Start up.
Maintenance and Troubleshoot.
Technique / software: Electromechanical relays, Electronic soft Starter, frequency converter, PCL Siemens
Logo and S7-1200.
CADDY++, (Windows XP pro); PLC programming: Siemens TIA Portal V11
Virtual Plant Simulation : SPS-VISU Micro V4
09 S
Technical-commercial, site manager (elec.) branch of a bank with 800m2
Job: Installation Light, force ,telematic network, safety, TV, Video, etc
Technology /software: PCL Siemens Logo, KNX (EIB) Bus and DALI Lighting Control Systems.
a little elbow-grease; Autocad 2000, Open Office (Windows xp Prof).
10 S
Site Foreman Electrician,
Job: Installation 50kw cooling system, safety space with access control system, Light, power, telephone, video
surveillance and two 200A three-phase bus-bar system.
Technology /software: a little elbow-grease; AutoCAD 2002+ ECS4.5, Excel 7.0, (Windows 2000 Prof).
2017 S
Electrical Planner, Draughtsman CAD.
Job: UBC (Universal builduing cabling) project with 3900 outlets RJ45, with automatic generation of the cable
list. Updated of Panellayout and others document.
Technology /software: Plancal nova (Autocad) (Building Information Modeling) (Windows 7 Pro).
E = employed, T= Temporary, S = Independent Worker, Free Lance
CAD = Computer-aided Design PLC = Programmable Logic Controllers
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Retired and not yet rusty,
I am available for lucrative occupations of all kinds.
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