References 1975 - 2013
ETechnical-commercial, heavy industry, sector rolling mill and continuous casting.
Job: Engineering, circuit diagrams, order material, setting-up, instruction of the personnel togolais .
Technology /software: Electromechanical relays, PCL Procontic S et P.
EElectrician-all-rounder, maintenance, industry, automat to ring the pallets, extrusion and tool machine.
Job: Engineering, circuit diagrams, order material, montage, setting-up and repair.
Technology /software: Electromechanical relays. Apple II et Basic
83 TDraughtsman-electrician, chemistry, production of film for radiography.
Job: drawing layout for the control panels (Synoptic), circuit diagram for electrical cabinet.
Technology /software: Electromechanical relays, PCL Modicon.
TDraughtsman-planner, nuclear researcher, low and high voltage network, various installations.
Job: update of various diagram, modernization of the control for high voltage network with setting-up.
Technology /software: Electromechanical relays, PCL Modicon and Simatic S115, Atari 1040, GFA-Basic;
88 SDraughtsman-CAD, health, hospital with 100 beds.
Job: circuit diagram for the main and supply distribution, including operating rooms.
Technology /software: CAD (CADAM or Designer).
STechnical-commercial, site manager (elec.) primary sector, banks with 100 places of work.
Job: Installation drawings, circuit diagram for electrical distribution, invitations to tender, setting-up and
reception for: electrical installation, telematic network, safety, etc
Technology /software: PCL S&S (Sprecher & Schuh), Works 2.0 (Windows 3.1).
93 STechnical-commercial, environment, sewage sludge incineration.
Job: Invitation to tender for the wiring and connection of the cables (approx. 30km), including evaluation of the
offers, participations to negotiations of adjudications and control of the invoice finales.
Technology /software: Work 3.0 (Windows 3.1).
STechnical-commercial, engineer, Highway, tunnel 3,5km
Job: Planning’s of the tubes in space traffic, coordination’s of the vertical shaft space in the underground
stations. Invitations to tender for the light (u-.stations), the cableways and the earthing, including distributions,
reception, and the evaluation of tender with proposal to customer, participation in the negotiations of
Technology /software: Works 3.0 (Windows 3.1), Speedikon 2D (Unix).
TDraughtsman PC-Freak, antenna radio, microwaw link
Job: Documentation of the sites (chart, report of measurement, diagrams). Help for Ms-Office.
Technology /software: Word 6.0, Excel 5.0, Designer 3.0 (Windows 95).
97 TElectrician, antenna radio, mobile telephony.
Job: assembly of masts and antennas, cables wiring, assembly of the connectors, earthing installation etc.
Technology /software: assembly, installations
SSite Foreman Electrician, office and warehouse.
Job: transformation of: lighting, power supply distribution and the earthing. Cableway and tubes for the
Telecommunications Cabling Systems, disassembling of the old installations.
Technology /software: montage, installation, CAD Autosketch 2.0
98 TDraughtsman CAO, production and distribution of electrical energy, high voltage cabinet.
Job: install and adapt ECS software to the need for the company, circuit diagram for high voltage cabinet.
Technology /software:, universal safety monitoring relay, AutoCAD LT98 + ECS, Windows 95
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