I was born in Lausanne (in French-speaking Switzerland) in the shade from
the cathedral, where I followed the elementary school while admiring
the Lake of Geneva Lake and the Alps of Savoy.
Vocational training and Certificate
1963 – 1967 Apprenticeship as electrician with obtaining the
federal qualifying certificate
1968 – 1972 I followed improvement courses for electronics and
of Preparation to the Electrician Mastery.
1972 improvement courses for Telephone specialist.
1973 and 1974 I tested unsuccessfully the examination of Master-Electrician.
1991 CAD –Seminar (AutoCAD 11 / Speedikon 2D), 5 day
2002 Update Course for AutoCAD LT 2002 und ECS 4.5 (Electrical Circuit Diagrams), 2 x 2
Work experience
1968 – 1975 Various Positions as Electrician and Electrician-Chief, working in an independent way to
the installation, transformation or the Repair of objects with: buildings, villas, offices,
hypermarket, hospital, boiler rooms, various industrial facilities, manufacture electric
control panel Etc.
1975 – 1979 I was employed at Brown Boveri & Co in Baden (in German-speaking Switzerland) as
draughtsman electrician then like technical-commercial, in the division of heavy industry,
department of the rolling mills and continuous castings.
1982 – 2018 I was self-employed as draughtsman-planner, working especially in the industrial
facilities, Research and Hospital ( see the references to the following page)
Competences and Language
Computer, Operating System : Windows.
Office automation MS Office (Word, Excel) et Open Office
CAD : AUTOCAD 2010, Draftsight, Qelectrotech, Plancal
Drawing: Libre Office DRAW, Gimp
Programming Visual Basic 6 (Excel). Visio 2013
Internet: Web Building.
Language, French : mother tongue
German: speaking and writing (fluently)
English : good understanding of technical texts.
Other Interest and competences
Private :
In my leisure’s I make sport-regularly such as: foot-race, swimming, bicycle, wake and
Fitness Trail (Vitaparkur). I like to read, and having banished Television, I have time to
cook, Internet surfing and listen to music.
Politic :
1972 – 1976 FOMH affiliated union, I participated twice as a member of the Joint Committee,
salary negotiations for the canton of Vaud.
1985 recent Member of the Tenant Associations of the canton of Aargau.
1995 – 2010 Member of the party of the Swiss Democrats.
2002 – 2005 Elected official with the communal council of Obersiggenthal ( Group president)
2003 and 2007 Candidate to elections of the national council. (In Bern ).
Military service :
1968 – 1994 I have make my military service (344 days plus 15 days solitary Confinement) in the
infantry as mortar (82mm) soldier then like gunman Dragon (anti-tank Optical-
tracked and wire-guided missile), with the "rank" of private 1st class.
1969 – 1975 I was fireman in Lausanne.
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Retired and not yet rusty,
I am available for lucrative occupations of all kinds.
Call me at this number: 056 282 26 33